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Life's Too Short For The Wrong Career.

Stuck at your day job? If you dream of career freedom as a consultant or coach
The Pivot Course will help you get free.

  • Decide what you'll focus on, and use that clarity to set the course of your business
  • Discover your "marketable skills" -- even if you don't feel you have any
  • Land your first consulting or coaching clients -- start with one, two, then three; scale up as you go.
  • Escape the “best kept secret” cave and attract clients rather than promote and sell
  • Use the “halo effect” to position yourself as an authority, even in a new industry
  • Establish a 30, 60, 90-day plan with clear criteria for when it's time to "make the leap"

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“I wish you could just work a regular job and make $100,000 a year…”

Those were the words that came out of my wife’s mouth one night. (It's about to get real...)

That was back in 2013, but I remember that like it was yesterday. She didn’t say them with spite, malice, or a raised voice — it was a more hopeless, passing comment kind of thing. But when your spouse says something like that, you don’t forget -- and you don’t ignore it. Something was really bothering her. Now I see why.

In late 2012, we returned to Piscataway, NJ after I resigned from a 4-year music ministry job in Hartford, CT. Life had come full circle; we moved back into the same cramped condo from when we first married, just minutes from where we both graduated college. The only difference: I was four years older, and four years more lost.

Enter My-So-Called-Life: 33 years old, no job, no direction, draining our savings, drowning in an embarrassing amount of debt, and still trying to figure out:

“What am I going to do with my life?”

I had a measure of success in my job but my passion for life was gone. Have you ever felt that way? Like things are going well at work, but not in life? I was burned out. Dried up. Spent. Done. I wanted -- no, I needed -- a change.

My old line of work wasn't fulfilling anymore. I hated the pretense. I despised the meetings. I wanted more out of life -- I wanted to do work I actually loved and believed in, to not have to claw and scratch for a raise, to not have "the man" tell me how to spend my hours, days, and years.

Thus began a sick cycle carousel of sleepless nights, staring at the ceiling, and “intense-spousal-discussions.” It was during one of those discussions when she said:

“I wish you could just work a regular job and make $100,000 a year.”


Now, before you think of my wife as a bad person -- please know that she was working over 60 hours a week to keep us afloat. But me? I felt like a failure. I had no idea what to do next, or where to start. I was terrified.

“School must be the answer, right?”

I considered business school, but with what money? Did I really want to sink deeper into debt, only to graduate at 37 years old to compete with hotshot business grads 10 or 15 years younger than me? Did I really want another J-O-B?

My only option to stop the bleeding: teach SAT classes for high school students, something I did to earn spending money during college! No longer had I come full-circle, I was now going backwards. I can't tell you how much it killed me to work that job.

Then, the questions: "Did I make the wrong move?" "I was successful in ministry, why did I leave?" "Why are so many of my peers doing better than me?"

But I kept going to work, because sometimes you just have to suck it up, eat your humble pie, and make ends meet. There’s no shame in that. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve been there, too.

You’ve had the guts to tough it out for your family, finances, and future. But now let’s talk about your freedom…

You’ve already thought about making a change. You've dreamed of career freedom, of being your own boss, of doing work you actually care about -- but you’ve stayed up late wondering how to make it all come together.

Know what sucks? That just moments after you get all excited, you get slammed with self-doubt! “Can I really make this big of a change? What if I fail? What if we never live indoors or eat again?” (It's the worst, isn't it?)

A ‘pivot’ is a process, not a project.

That is the single best piece of advice I can give you. There’s no magic wand, and yes -- it will take time. But launching a consulting or coaching business isn’t just about knowing, it’s about action. It’s about getting started, and having someone around that will help you navigate the change, keep you moving, and hold you accountable.

If you’re serious about starting a side-business as a coach or consultant, working step-by-step to earn enough to leave your day job, and pivot into work you truly love and believe in -- there’s no better route you can take than joining The Pivot Course.

This is the highest level of learning I offer — by far. I've assembled the system you need most for a happy, productive, and profitable career — that hardly any would-be consultant or coach ever creates for themselves or understands.

It’s the foundation of my business today, and it is the reason I was able to completely turn my life around and dive headlong into a completely new industry … which has provided no less than six-figures a year for the past 3 years, and resulted in higher profits every year compared to the previous one, all while doing what I love, with the kind of freedom that I never thought possible.

(Yes, my wife’s $100,000 passing wish has become reality … except for the “regular job” part.)

Finally, A Practical, Actionable, and Safe Process for a ‘Career Pivot’.

It took me 3 years of fumbling around before I put these pieces together the right way, but others I’ve personally taught this to now have their own versions in place, fully functioning in as little time as a month. Plus they did it all without jeopardizing their income or family’s security.

My years of trial-and-error can be your shortcut. I'll help you get clarity even if you don't know what you should focus your business on. Discover your "marketable skills" -- even if you don't feel you have any. Start small with a client, then two, then three. Scale up as you go.

Hate promoting yourself? I'll show you how to:

• Escape the “best kept secret” cave and attract instead of promote

• Attain “rising star status” and naturally create a magnetic buzz around you

• Stay on course with the "7 Steps To A Profitable Personal Brand” that guarantees efficient, effective marketing

• Use the "Collaborative Close" on sales calls to land better, more appreciative, and more eager clients

• Building an online presence using just your personal Facebook page without blogging your brains out

“What If My Spouse or Partner Has Concerns?”

I totally understand! This October (yes, this month!) Iris and I will celebrate our 11th anniversary. I’ve taken some risks because of my pivot … but you won’t. Remember, my life of trial and error is your shortcut. I’m going to show you the safest, most reliable path to earning more income, in the most direct way.

If your spouse or partner has legitimate concerns about investing in this program, we'll setup a short call. Email mike [at] and I'll make it happen.

Mike Kim

About The Instructor:

My name is Mike Kim -- and I know how it feels to be stuck in a job, dream of freedom, and yet not know where to start. Today I enjoy being my own boss as a six-figure consultant and business coach. I've made the leap and helped others to the same -- and I'd like to help you, too.

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How The Pivot Course Works:

Each module breaks down the entire process and shows you exactly what to do next -- from finding your first idea, to landing a paying client, and raising your rates. The Pivot Course offers the quickest and simplest path to finding clients and earning a side income that you can scale up as much as you want.


General Icons-43Module 1: Personal Story

How do you market yourself like no one else can? Your personal story. It's one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal.


General Icons-06Module 2: Platform

You don't need a full bells-and-whistles website right away -- just a "minimum viable platform." In this module, we'll cover exactly what you need to have (and not have) so your site sells.


General Icons-44Module 3: Positioning

Are you a top-tier provider, or a bargain-basement option? We'll look at what differentiates you from the rest, and how to establish yourself as an authority in your new field.


Retail-04Module 4: Products

Create products and services that practically sell themselves. Learn to create and launch your first product -- an eBook, video course, training product -- within seven days or less.


Retail-09Module 5: Pricing

How much should you charge? We'll use a proven method to help you determine your pricing in a way that doesn't compromise your positioning -- or your bottom line.


General Icons-13Module 6: Pitch

Marketing is the lifeblood of your business. You'll learn how to leverage human psychology and persuasive copywriting to communicate your message clearly and effectively.


Manufacturing-11Module 7: Partners

Attain “rising star status” and create a magnetic buzz around you. This makes finding referral partners easy, and opens the way to get word out about your business.

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What's My Investment?

The Pivot Course is available in two convenient ways: a do-it-yourself home study program, or a 90-day guided VIP coaching program with Mike (only 20 slots available). Choose the option that's best for you.


  • The full 7-module Pivot Course curriculum
  • Access to The Pivot Course Facebook Community
  • Participation in (3) Live Monthly Group Q&A Calls
  • [BONUS] Access to Essential Business Forms Kit ($49 value)

3 Payments of $197
Save $94 Pay In Full

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  • The full 7-module Pivot Course curriculum
  • Access to The Pivot Course Facebook Community
  • Participation in (3) Live Monthly Group Q&A Calls
  • [BONUS] Access to Essential Business Forms Kit ($49 value)

3 Payments of $397
Save $194 Pay In Full

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See What Others Are Saying:


"Mike is one of the very best copywriters I know."

- Ray Edwards, founder of The Copywriting Academy


headshot-val-brown"I needed to learn how to take my business to the next level. Working with Mike saved me time, gave me new skills, and the confidence to grow. I highly recommend The Pivot Course, it's a game changer!"

- Val Brown, Emmy Award Winning Producer


headshot-bryan-buckley"I chose the upgrade coaching package and it was worth every extra penny. Every suggestion Mike offered has worked better than I ever imagined. This, without question, was the best course I've ever taken and one I've recommended more than all the others."

- Bryan Paul Buckley, High-Performance Coach

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